kate-square-christmas-500***UPDATE: I moved out of Gainesville and live in Wisconsin now so the blog is no longer active. However, please use my reviews of salads in Gainesville as a resource until the end of your days.***

My name is Kate and I review salads in Gainesville, Florida.┬áBorn and raised in southern Wisconsin, I grew up understanding the importance of cheese and loving all things green. I moved to Florida in 2011 for an amazing job at UF, and can’t get enough of this weather.

As a salad lover and meat eater, I found it difficult to find really tasty salads, so I started jotting down info about salads that I liked. This soon became the quest for the perfect salad whether it had meat on it or not, and spawned this website.

Gainesville has some great salads and most of the restaurants I eat at are locally owned (check this site out!). In addition to a 1 to 10 rating of salads, I do my best to write a bit about the restaurant and service. I welcome you to comment on my posts. If you want full restaurant reviews, including the good, the bad, and the inedible, check out Ken Eats Gainesville.

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What I rate salads on:

  • The salad dressing – Good salad dressings paired with good salads
  • Blend of items in salad – Ingredients that go well together
  • Salad ingredients – The more rare and delicious the ingredients, the better
  • Fresh ingredients – It’s unbelievable what some chefs allow on salads to be eaten
  • Completeness – The less options I have the better (except how the meat is cooked)
  • Presentation – I don’t give a lower rating if the salad doesn’t look nice (which is rare anyway), but I may give a higher rating if it’s exceptionally well-presented
  • Cost – Price usually only becomes a factor if it’s an exceptionally bad and expensive salad
  • Cheese – Is there cheese on it? Is it a salad that actually doesn’t require cheese to still be delicious?


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